Why would my child need bulletproof gear for school?

This is certainly one of the most common questions we receive here at BPJ. While we can’t say there is a need for our gear, we like to think of our vests as more of a precaution. There have been more than 130 shootings between elementary, middle, and high schools since 2000. That doesn’t include the 58 at colleges and universities. So while there’s no guarantee a shooting will break out at your child’s school, we strongly believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

My state has never had a school shooting. Is my child still at risk?

Although your specific area hasn’t been directly affected, every region is vulnerable to shooters, attackers and other horrific incidents of this nature occurring at a school. Since 2000, 43 of our 50 states have experienced at least one school shooting. At this point, we feel it’s almost inevitable that all 50 end up making this list, and often, even the safest places can be dangerous.

My child’s teacher has a gun. Is additional protection necessary?

This is a great question. Florida just recently joined 14 other states in allowing teachers to legally carry guns in school, but this by no means ensures your child’s safety. We’re firm believers that this issue will require further attention beyond simply arming teachers, but our vests are a guarantee that a school will always be a safe place for your child.